HC/HS Terzo Valico dei Giovi Railway Line:
Muck dump site (Piedmont – I)

Cascina Romanellotta pit site (AL)

The Cascina Romanellotta quarry in Tortona (AL) is an exhausted opencast site. This site has been comprised amongst the sites that are used for the disposal of the debris produced by tunnel excavation in the framework of the HV/HC “Terzo Valico” Railway Line project.
This study has been carried out to evaluate the risk that the groundwater wells adjacent to the disposal site might be contaminated by Chromium VI, Nickel and Cobalt leachates resulting from the meteoric water percolation through the excavated debris. The study has been carried out by means of geochemical and hydrogeological modelling.

Construction phase: environmental impact study on potential contaminants

Client Consorzio COCIV – Consorzio Collegamenti Integrati Veloci
Period 2019
Works Amount – M€
  • Reconstruction of the geological-hydrogeological reference model
  • Piezometric reconstruction of the groundwater table
  • Investigation planning
  • Statement of Sequential Extraction Procedures
  • Rock-water reaction path modelling
  • Mass-transport groundwater modelling
  • Risk assessment of contamination by CrVI, Ni and Co
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