Geology and Hydrogeology

A reliable geological-hydrological model requires the direct and full assessment of the context where the works will be realized. GDP-GEOMIN operates by investing significant resources in data collection through geological soil investigations, analysis of the results of direct and indirect investigations, groundwater simulation and assessment of its interaction with civil works by means of up-to-date quantification tools.

  • Geological survey
  • Structural and stratigraphic analysis
  • Petrographic and mineralogical studies
  • Geochemical studies of soils and rocks
  • Planning and analysis of direct and indirect investigations
  • Planning, supervision and interpretation of hydraulic tests
  • Monitoring and sampling of springs, wells and piezometers
  • Design of drainage systems and dewatering
  • 2D/3D numerical and hydrogeological modelling
  • Numerical and/or analytical impact assessment on springs and wells


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We believe that our work must always be based on a principle of ethical and sustainable balance between the environmental transformations and the development to which we give our contribution

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