Our long-term experience in geomorphological hazards occurring in Alpine environment, one of the contexts with the most intense morphodynamic phenomena, allows us to provide to our customers effective and practical solutions to the territory management.

  • Geomorphological investigations
  • Rope access on rocky walls
  • Monitoring data analysis of landslides and rocky walls
  • Ballistic studies of rockfalls
  • Numerical assessment of debris flow hazard
  • Morphotectonic studies
  • GIS spatial analysis of Lidar and DEM data
  • Decomposition and analysis of PSinSAR and SqueeSAR data
  • 2D/3D numerical analysis of the stability of walls and territory sides
  • Design and dimensioning of stabilization measures


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We believe that our work must always be based on a principle of ethical and sustainable balance between the environmental transformations and the development to which we give our contribution

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