Hydroelectric plant La Punilla: Rio Nuble (Bio Bio Region, Chile)

Dam body, artificial catchment and adduction works

The Punilla dam is a concrete faced gravel dam that is planned to be constructed on a river basin in the Bio region of the central-south zone of Chile. The construction includes a dam 137 meters-heigh, 2 derivation tunnels, a spillway, a penstock and a hydroelectric plant built at the basis of the dam body.
The installed power capacity is of 94 MW, while the production is of about 500 GWh/year. This infrastructure aims at providing irrigation to 60.000 hectares of farmlands. In this frame, GDP-GEOMIN carried out the geological study, the geotechnical characterization, the investigation planning for the dam site and for the complementary works.

Final Design Project

Client Lombardi SA (on behalf of ASTALDI, Chile)
Period 2016-2018
Works Amount 500 M€
  • Geological and geomorphological study
  • Geological structural survey
  • Updating of the geological model concerning the dam site and the connection roads
  • Analysis of geohazards (rockfalls, debris flow, fluvial erosion)
  • Investigation planning
  • Interpretation of laboratory tests
  • Geomechanical and geothecnical parametrization
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