Palermo-Catania doubling of the railway line

Lot 3 (Lercara-Caltanissetta) and Lot 4a (Caltanissetta-Enna)

The new Palermo-Catania line, an integral part of the European TEN-T Scandinavia-Mediterranean railway corridor, is one of the measures planned to improve mobility in Sicily.
We dealt with the review and validation of the final design geological model of Lot 3 and 4a, based on geological-stratigraphic and geomorphological data, interpretation of core-drilling and seismic sections, on site and in lab geotechnical tests and hydrogeological borehole tests.

Final design project : Geological, geomorphological and hydrogelogical study

Client Partner group Sintagma Srl (Perugia) / Rocksoil Spa (Milano)
Period 2019-2020
Works Amount ≈ 1.8 Mrd €
  • Geological and geomorphological investigation and data analysis
  • Geological and construction risk analysis
  • Fluvial dynamics analysis
  • Support to the geotechnical design
  • Drafting of project drawings: main line, windows, entrances, external roads
  • Groundwater inflows assessment
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