Montellina water spring – Quincinetto Municipality (Piedmont – Italy)

Study for the assessment of the spring recharge area

The Montellina water spring (350 m.a.s.l.) is situated at the lower end of the Aosta Valley. It discharges relatively high water flows (50-150 l/s). The spring is managed by the SMAT (Metropolitan Society of Waters of Turin), which supply the water for the potable use.
The Quincinetto Municipality has commissioned a hydrogeological study to assess the recharge area and to evaluate the possible hydraulic supply of this spring by the Renanchio River.

Specialist study

Client Quincinetto Municipality (TO)
Period 2009-2010
Works Amount – M€
  • Catchment water balance
  • Monthly monitoring of the spring and river discharge with salt tracer method
  • Quantitative tracing tests using dyes (fluorosceine and tynopal)
  • Hydrogeochemical study
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