Railway stretch Verona-Munich
Brenner Basis Tunnel

Main tunnels and explorative tunnel (Alto Adige – I, Tirolo, A))

The Brenner Basis Tunnel is a system of underground works that develops for a total length of 230 kilometers and that will connect with a High Capacity/High Speed line Italy with Austria, between Fortezza and Innsbruck. The system is made up by two main tunnels with a length of about 55 kilometers, an exploratory tunnel, underground emergency stations and 4 access tunnels. The Brenner Basis Tunnel has average covers up to almost 2000 meters. The geology of the project is complex, characterized by extremely variable geological and geomechanical conditions, with important issues of hydrogeological interferences on water resources, such as the one of Brenner Thermal Springs.

Construction Phase : Geological and hydrogeological consultancy
(Mules 1 Lot, Mules 2-3 Lot, Underpass Isarco River Lot, H51 Pfons-Brenner Lot)

Client Brenner Basis Tunnel BBT-SE
Period 2012-on going project
Works amounts 3 M€
  • Operational assistance for hydrogeological aspects
  • Design and scheduling of hydrogeological monitoring plans
  • Provide support in reporting to Water Resources Service Dpt of the Province of Bolzano
  • 3D hydrogeological simulation
  • Analysis of hydrogeological data
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